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Larsen's groove of "Larssen" L5-mind
  • Larsen's groove of "Larssen" L5-mind

Larsen's groove of "Larssen" L5-mind

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Brand:Larssen Ларсен

The system of tongues prevents movement of soil. Possible scopes: strengthening of coast of reservoirs, slopes, dams, trenches and embankments, and also landscaping, Alpine hills, pools. Tongues are made from solid PVC. The system shpuntin, presented by MINBUD firm, this complex solution of strengthening of the soil, komlektutsya: baguettes (levels).

Design shpuntin and optimum designed section provide transfer of considerable cross loading, and the special lock gives the chance them conveniently to connect. Merits of our system: the attractive price the modern complex decision durability of all elements specially designed locks an esthetic look not combustibility small weight easy installation and transportation environmental friendliness.

LLC Elektromaks had a large constant warehouse supply of steel tongues of various brands and manufacturers, and also angular connecting elements. Are in addition ready: 1. To deliver tongues directly on your object according to the approved schedule. 2. To cut tongues industrially on lengths, according to data in projects. 3. To punch in tongues assembly openings under a head of a pogruzhatel (the sizes the customer specifies), to deliver anchor and buroinjektsionny systems. 4. To deliver specialized sealants, for a waterproofing of castle connections of a tongue-and-groove wall, on the basis of petrobitumens of production of Republic of Belarus and a film covering of PILELOCK, to make galvanization of a surface of tongues.

LLC Elektro Max - the specialized enterprise of Republic of Belarus for large-scale advance of technology of application of tongue-and-groove piles from steel and PVC, and also anchor systems, production the European Union, the member of the Belarusian public association of experts in geotechnics and the first importer of tongues and anchors in a zone of the Customs Union.

LLC Elektro Max - The sales representative in the territory of Republic of Belarus Production company (plant) "Handelsonderneming Jan van Meever" B.V., the European Union, the Netherlands on advance and realization of tongue-and-groove piles like Larsen.

LLC Elektro Max - The sales representative in the territory of Republic of Belarus Production company (plant) GEOTECH METALS B.V. The European Union, the Netherlands on advance and realization of the anchor GEOTECH systems (full compliance to anchor systems like "TITAN").

LLC Elektro Max - the active participant of the exchange auction on the platform of JSC Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange, the auction on the portal of the National center of marketing and price situation, and also State procurements on Electronic trading platform.

By LLC Elektro Max it is included in the Register of producers of goods (works, services) and their marketing organizations (official sales representatives) of RUP "National Center of Marketing and Price Situation", and placed on the portal (Reg. No. P-5452-2016), as the official supplier of tongue-and-groove piles like Larsen, Anchor buroinektsionny piles, micropiles, soil the nagely GEOTECH trademark, production GEOTECH METALS B.V., European Union, Netherlands, (Leeghwaterstraat 1, 4251 LM Werkendam The Netherlands of ph. +31 (0) 183 820040; e-mail,

LLC Elektro Max delivers tongues and anchor systems directly on object, in quantity and the sizes according to the project, with the assembly openings and angular connecting castle elements punched if necessary. The delivered LARSSEN tongues are manufactured according to the European quality system according to the ISO 9000 (9001) standards and there corresponds STB EN 10248-1 (2)-2009.

LLC Elektro Max delivers specialized sealants for a waterproofing of castle connections of a tongue-and-groove wall. In coordination with the customer of LLC Elektro Max makes the return repayment of the steel tongue at its residual cost taking into account wear, according to the operating RSN. Use of LARSSEN tongues and the anchor GEOTECH systems, productions the European Union, allow to reduce metal consumption of tongue-and-groove walls, and finally to save up to 30% of money of the customer for their construction, including performance of work. LLC Elektro Max is ready to provide the help to the customer in the choice of the design decision and necessary geotechnical calculations for use of the offered materials.

Since 2012 years of LLC Elektro Max the first in the CIS started release of tongue-and-groove piles from PVC of the SP-200, SP-250, SP-600 series by method of a direct koekstruziya. New PVC a profile (THAT BY 190660356.001-2013) can have any color shade according to the RAL standard and favourably differs from product samples of the closest competitors in technical, strength and price aspect. LLC Elektro Max is the owner of the Flow chart and single quotations (including in rubles of the Russian Federation) on "The device of tongue-and-groove walls with use of system of tongues from PVC" of TK-100029434.160-2013 236/6t TK-01, 236/6t INRR-01 developed by JSC Orgstroy.

We have a considerable warehouse stock of tongues of various brands and manufacturers, angular connecting elements, and also anchor systems for fastening of tongue-and-groove walls. We render assistance in carrying out calculations of stability of tongue-and-groove walls and technical justification of the choice like the tongue. We deliver sealants for consolidation of castle connection of tongue-and-groove piles.

Areas of use of steel tongue-and-groove piles of Larsen and PVC of the tongue extend to all spheres of construction:

- hydraulic engineering constructions: moorings, ports, dams, locks, piers, hydroelectric power station, strengthening of the coastline, reconstruction of gravitational dams and irrigation canals;

- engineering constructions: bases, bases, fastening of ditches, trenches, construction of retaining walls, slopes, construction of underground garages, parkings;

- construction of ways of messages: protective walls, support of bridges, tanks for ground waters, stabilization of a roadbed, construction of screens of a shumozashchita.

- environmental protection: shlamokhranilishcha, solid waste landfills, burial grounds, navozokhranilishcha, tight collectors, protections of petro and gas-field wells, deduction of barkhan pitches, etc.

In the former Soviet Union tongue-and-groove piles of L4,L5,L5-UM are traditionally used. Designers, defining their bearing ability and other technical characteristics, as a rule, are guided by textbooks, technical literature, reference books of the "Soviet" times in which, sometimes, the brand of a pile is specified as "Larsen" and the Roman figures - a standard size of IV or V, for example, Larsen - IV.

- Tongue-and-groove piles are specified in the majority of projects, as a rule, L4, L5 with the indication of standard sizes and characteristics. Actually, the designation "L4" and "L5" - not depersonalized tongue-and-groove pile, and the concrete tongue-and-groove pile which is let out on TU U 27.1-26524137-1375:2008 of the Dnipropetrovsk iron and steel works of F.E. Dzerzhinsky. Too the situation with Larsen's tongue L5-mind – production of Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works. As a result the instruction in project documentation of tongue-and-groove piles as L4,L5,L5-UM contradicts the operating SNB and STB EN.

In the world sufficient experience in production and to application of tongue-and-groove piles is saved up. In 2010 the 100 anniversary use of tongue-and-groove piles like Larsen was celebrated. About 30 plants in the world provide requirement of construction branch for tongue-and-groove piles of 2,2 million tons per year.

- Tongue-and-groove piles of the European samples differ in a big variety in a tipo-sortorazmer, transitional, connecting and angular piles (elements); wide range of the perceived efforts; set of brands staly, and also anticorrosive protection, service, design, technical, technological services. It gives a wide choice for adoption of the most economic decisions at design of tongue-and-groove walls of any geometry and durability. - Tongue-and-groove piles Larsen of the European production of the EN 10248 standard having much the smaller mass of square meter of a tongue-and-groove wall with the similar bearing ability. It is reached, thanking, to the wide range of profiles, use of qualitative brands staly, to several series with various geometrical characteristics, the sections assuming the choice.



VL503; VL504; VL601; VL602; VL603; VL603 (And, To, Z); VL604; VL605; VL605 (And, To); VL606; VL606 (A) the manufacturer – the European Union, EVRAZ Vitkovice Steel. L4; L5; L5D; L7 the manufacturer – Ukraine, PAO the Dnipropetrovsk iron and steel works of name F.E. Dzerzhinsky.

L5-mind manufacturer Russia, Evraz of JSC Nizhnetagilsky metallurgical complex.

601; 602; 603; 604n; 605; 606n; 703; The 716th manufacturer – the European Union, Germany, © HSP Hoesch Spundwand und Profil GmbH. TKL 504L; TKL 504; TKL 601; TKL 602; TKL 603; TKL 603C; TKL 604; TKL 604C; TKL 605; TKL 605C; TKL 606L; TKL 606 the manufacturer - the European Union, ThyssenKrupp.

Angular connecting elements for Larsen's tongue E20; E21; V20; V21; Omega (Omega) – the European Union, Germany.

The tongue from SP-200, SP-250, SP-600 PVC (a method of a direct koekstruziya on THAT BY 190660356.001-2013; any color according to the RAL standard) the manufacturer – Republic of Belarus, LLC Elektro Max.

Brand:Larssen Ларсен
Material:Сталь С255
Information is up-to-date: 05.09.2018
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